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SCOTTS LANDING is your source for ValvTect marine fuel in The Cayman Islands

Our on site station specializes in ValvTect marine fuel, offering you only Premium 93 Octane Ethanol Free Gasoline and ULS Diesel at a competitive prices, making it easy to choose the best fuel for your engine.

Although ValvTect is specially formulated for marine engines – it can also be used for automotive and heavy equipment – it is stable enough to be your no. 1 fuel for generators too.

What is so good about ValvTect?

Your boat engine is forced to operate at higher RPMs than a car engine and can consume up to 10 times more fuel per hour of operation. ValvTect is “specially formulated” for your marine engine. It requires no additional fuel additives to protect your engine, eliminating any risk of improper additive use, saving you time and money. To find out more check this link for the ValvTect website.

Opening Hours:

7AM to 7PM Every Day


  • Land side and dockside fueling station
  • Marine sewage pump out – complimentary for our customers
  • Marine cleaning products
  • Duty Free Fuel (note: you must be going offshore right away and present your customs clearance form to permit the sale at the duty free rate)


For your convenience we also stock ice, bait (ballyhoo and squid), sunscreen, marine engine oil and other lubricants, as well as a variety of refreshments for your day out.