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If you are planning to visit us from International waters, you should know that The Cayman Islands are a British Crown colony and, as such, are a highly regulated jurisdiction with entry to the islands controlled exclusively by C.I. Immigration and H.M. Customs. The official port of entry for Grand Cayman is the main port on the West coast of George Town and is controlled by C.I. Port Security, who are always standing by on VHF channel 16 for vessels which would like to clear into the country. However, clearing in at the Barcadere is also possible at the discretion of Customs and Immigration with adequate advanced notice (48hrs minimum) and timely receipt of the requisite travel documents. If we receive your documents in time, we will submit them on your behalf to Customs and Immigration and apply for permission for you to clear in at the Barcadere, if we then receive a positive response to our request prior to your departure for the Cayman Islands, we will notify you accordingly.

For more information on Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control regulations and requirements for ocean going vessels please click here.

Arrival protocol

Without exception, all vessels must contact Port Security on VHF channel 16 once arriving within 12 miles of the islands for instructions on how to proceed. It is entirely up to Port Security to direct you to your clearing in point as determined by Customs and Immigration, and failure to notify the authorities of your arrival in Cayman waters or to comply with Port Security instructions can result in fines and penalties for the vessel.

For the correct entry procedure into Grand Cayman by boat, please click here.

Navigation instructions

The approach to the Barcadere will bring you through the outer barrier reef at the Main Channel, and into Grand Cayman’s North Sound, before reaching the marina some seven miles inside the reef, on the South Western shore of the North Sound.  The maximum draft that we recommend for entry into the North Sound is eight feet, at high tide, and for any vessels with over six feet of draft we suggest a specific route that will keep you in the deepest water that the North Sound has to offer.

Please click here for detailed instructions and a downloadable PDF of the route.

Concierge services

If you require information regarding rental cars, hotels, restaurants and other essentials we will be happy to assist you with reservations to make your stay as stress free and enjoyable as possible.  However, if you would prefer to do it yourself, we have compiled a list of reputable local businesses.

Click here for these and other handy hints to get you started.


Where are the Cayman Islands?

The 3 Islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are situated in the Western Caribbean about 200 miles south of Cuba, 480 miles southwest of Miami and 180 miles northwest of Jamaica.

When is hurricane season?

The hurricane season is from June – November. All major storms and hurricanes are closely monitored by the Government and ample warning will be given if and when necessary. All suggested warnings and procedures should be strictly followed.

What is the electrical voltage?

120/208 volts, 60hertz. The same as the US and Canada.